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Monopoly เครดิตฟรี แค่ กรอก เบอร์ is a board game that each of us has tried at least once. He admits, in most cases, we still argue. And that’s not because we didn’t respect the Monopoly 2022 set of rules, but because this board game is extraordinarily competitive. Awaken the businessman in you! Being so fascinating and simple to play, a lot of guides have appeared along the way explaining how to play Monopoly, as well as variations with small changes.

We don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but Monopoly and the Monopoly 2022 rule set were based on the crisis that would have occurred in America starting in 1934. This game was meant to bring the American dream back to life, to create and shape success stories for those who chose to buy properties and offer them for rent.

The story was not as successful as the creator Charles B. Borrow would have wanted. The first time, the game would have been removed from the production of the collaborators, but he continued to develop it and offer it to the general public on his own account. When others didn’t believe in him, he did and that’s how he became a multimillionaire, and today the game and everything related to Monopoly rules is known internationally.

Here’s a Monopoly rules guide that will summarize everything you need to know about the game. Read the Monopoly rules to the end, refresh your memory and try it with friends or family or play it online!

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Monopoly 2022 Rules
From the selection of Monopoly rules it is very clearly stated that the game, regardless of its variation, starts with the choice of a banker. If there are more than 5 people at the game table, the banker will not be able to participate according to the first and most important rule of Monopoly, Only if there are less than 5 people at the game table, then the banker can be a player himself, but his funds will, of course, be differentiated from the funds he has in the bank.

When the player is established, the action begins. Learn how to play Monopoly below. Familiarize yourself with the pieces in the game. Monopoly consists of bills, mystery and community cards, lots of pawns, dice and other adjacent pieces, depending on which variation you play.

Depending on how many players are at the table, the banker divides the money.
According to the Monopoly 2022 rule set, each player receives $1,500.
The rest of the remaining money is in the bank and is released according to the actions taken by the players.
The first player to start the game is the one who rolls the high value dice on the game table.
All the pawns that were chosen by the players are placed on the GO box on the game board.
Every time players advance and complete the game board, it is also mentioned in the Monopoly rules that they receive money when they reach GO.
The dice are thrown by each player, in order, and are advanced according to the number written on them.
The player can drop on properties. If he falls on them for the first time, the Monopoly rules state that he can buy them or, otherwise, he pays the related rent.
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The Meaning of Each Square on the Game Board
Because it’s a game made up of many pieces, but with very simple Monopoly rules, it’s time to learn what certain spaces on the board do. The list is presented below.

The card of luck & the community card – are the cards related to luck in Monopoly. They can bring benefits. For example, you can draw the “Get Out of Jail” card that you can use any time you land on Jail. Otherwise, you can draw less fortunate cards that pay or give away properties to other players.
Property – you can buy, sell and rent them. According to any Monopoly rules, you are not obliged to buy it, but if you buy more properties, you can get more rent money.
Parking – take a turn, take a break from a game round, according to Monopoly rules.
Prison – in the classic version and in Monopoly rules you will find it written in English under the name Go To Jail. If you land on that spot, you stay for a turn and lose the $200 awarded if you land on the GO box.
GO – the game actually starts at the GO box. With each completed turn, you get money when you land there. In the classic game with Monopoly rules, each player receives $200.
Houses/Hotel – in addition to pawns, the game also has some physical components, namely the properties, which, most of the time, are yellow, green, red or blue. When you buy a property, the banker hands you a box that you place on the game table where you bought it.
Monopoly Rules – How to Calculate the Score
You already know how to play Monopoly, but how is the score calculated and therefore who is declared a financial superpower at the end of the rounds? Arm yourself with patience, because the game can last more than 3 hours in an intense session. This means that you will make a lot of payments, buy properties or maybe you will succeed in bankrupting some people at the gaming table.

The score is calculated at the end. If you want to get there, according to Monopoly rules, you have to bankrupt all the players. Although it can take a considerable amount of time, you can, along with the rest of the players, say STOP and stop playing if it’s already tiring. You will count your possessions and money and see in the end who managed to collect the most.

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How to Win at Monopoly – Tips and Strategies
A funny but very important tip for all players who have read a Monopoly 2022 rulebook at least once is to refrain from cheating. The second golden rule is to have a little patience. You can play a lot of rounds until a final result is reached and eventually you get bored. Is it worth it? You better prepare ahead of time and make a special evening with your friends or family for this game.

Buy as many properties as you can, regardless of the minimum amount of money left in your account.
With 3 houses, you make a hotel. If you make as many hotels as possible, the rent is much higher, so you bankrupt your opponents much faster.
Invest, don’t hoard money, because you can always charge rent if players frequent your properties.
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Some Curiosities About Monopoly
Over time, Monopoly brought to the market several versions of the game with Monopoly rules. Now you can find Monopoly variations with hotel themes, famous music bands, artists who made history and even well-known TV series or movies. New versions are still being manufactured today. In addition to this curiosity, we noticed a few other things that amazed us.

If you have some skills and are extremely patient, you can print your own Monopoly game board and even cut out the money or make small models of properties. Be careful, it will take more time than learning Monopoly rules.
The game was so popular that a documentary was even made about it.
The official Facebook page of this game has tens of millions of likes.
The game is spread in all corners of the world. More than 50 million copies have been purchased in recent years.
There’s even a version for those who cheat at the Monopoly rules. This one is actually called MONOPOLY CHEATERS EDITION.
The game has been translated with the Monopoly rules booklet into over 47 languages.

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