Casino Live Pokerstars 2022 – Bonus 200 lei + 50 Free Spins

Live Xoslot casino games have risen a lot in player preferences in the last year because they offer an advantage that classic games do not have: interaction. The novelty in the case of live games is the presence of a dealer in front of you and the possibility to communicate in real time with this dealer. He is in a real casino hall and operates with real equipment – playing cards, roulette, etc., and gives you the feeling that you are there too, that the whole hall is yours, so you have a complete experience and complex in every way. Otherwise, the live casino game does not differ from the classic one because the rules of the game are preserved. If you have never tried a live casino game before, you will surely find it fascinating to see and hear how the dealer deals the cards at the table or how the ball spins on the roulette wheel.

Pokerstars casino live is among the few casinos that offer high roller games for players who love high stakes and risky bets. You will see the games and minimum stakes of $10-20 and maximum stakes that go up to $5,000. It is true that these games give you a much higher level of adrenaline, but we encourage responsible play and placing bets within the budget set from the beginning. Now let’s see what options you have when it comes to Pokerstars live casino!

Pokerstars casino live – Roulette games
pokerstars casino live roulette
Roulette games are among the most popular Pokerstars live casino games. You have 3 live roulette tables at your disposal – 2 automatic live roulette tables and one live with a real dealer. Here are some of the most important features of these Pokerstars live casino tables:

Bucharest Auto-Roulette : automatic wheel for faster rounds, single 0 wheel, racetrack area for placing special bets, option to save favorite bets and advanced statistical data to identify trends
Auto Lightning Roulette : lightning numbers in rounds 1-5 are flashed and pay between 50x-500x, racetrack to cover multiple straight up bets, option to save favorite straight up bets
Bucharest Roulette : wheel with a single 0, racetrack area for placing special bets, option to save favorite bets, statistical data to identify trends
Quantum Roulette : Place a straight number bet on any number and a Quantum multiplier could increase your payout up to x500, there is even a special event that can increase your multipliers and payouts even more, minimum bet is $20
These live casino games are for all types of players and all budgets. The automatic roulette games have a minimum bet of $0.10 and the Bucharest Roulette game has a minimum bet of $0.50. Another interesting thing worth mentioning is that you can also access international live roulette tables such as Turkish Roulette or Roleta Brasileira.

Live Casino Pokerstars – Blackjack Games
casino live pokerstars games
If you are more into strategy games, you can try the Pokerstars casino live Blackjack games. There are 2 live blackjack tables: Bucharest Blackjack A and Bucharest Blackjack B , both of which guarantee an adrenaline-filled experience. In general, live casino games tend to be played at a slower pace, but Pokerstars guarantees that at these 2 tables you will experience the fastest dealer blackjack game in the world, with the same deal speed like in a real casino. So if you feel like today is your lucky day, all you have to do is open a player account, make a deposit and try these Pokerstars live casino games.

The minimum bets differ in these live blackjack games – at table A, the minimum limit is $20, and at table B, the minimum limit is $5. As in the case of live roulette tables, in Blackjack you have the opportunity to take a seat at an international table – Colombia Blackjack – the minimum bet being $10. If the tables are full, you have the option to bet behind other players, an experience you should try if you want something new!

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Live casino Pokerstars – Baccarat games
baccarat casino live pokerstars
Quite a few online casinos offer live Baccarat games, and Pokerstars is one of them. There are 4 live Pokerstars casino tables waiting for you for this game: Soho Baccarat , Soho Baccarat NC , VIP Baccarat and VIP Baccarat NC , the minimum stakes being $1 and $5.

Most players who have tried their luck at Pokerstars live casino, roulette and blackjack, have also tried the live baccarat games. The rules are similar to those of Blackjack, the aim of the game is to score 9 points or have a number of points as close as possible to it, and the bets you can place are: the player bet, the bank bet (the most popular and advantageous because it offers a house edge of 1.17%) and the tie bet. If you like Blackjack games and strategies, then you must try this Pokerstars live casino game!

Casino Live Pokerstars Bonuses
pokerstars live casino bonuses
Bonus 200 lei + 50 Free Spins
We recommend you take advantage of the Pokerstars Bonus 200 lei + 50 Free Spins offer. This Pokerstars welcome bonus will be offered to you on your first deposit of 50 lei and consists of turning your first deposit into 200 lei. What exactly does this mean? Well, if you choose to make a Pokerstars deposit of 50 lei, for example, you will actually play for 200 lei. At the same time, you will also receive 50 free spins to use on one of the hottest slots of the moment Stars Invaders Classic and Diamond Stars Classic. Don’t forget to use the bonus code RO200.

Live casino games are among the favorites of casino players. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush or the unique feeling you get when playing with real dealers, these games are simply the perfect opportunity to have fun. At the Pokerstars live casino you have access to the three most important live casino games, in addition to the poker game of course, we are talking about: roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The tables are open quite often, if not constantly, so you’ll be able to play whenever you want, from wherever you want.

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